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Private Pregnancy Scan

Ultrasound Scan

Private Pregnancy scan (8 weeks onwards)

Fusion Healthcare offers a range of private pregnancy scan to support you before and throughout your pregnancy. At Fusion, we are dedicated to providing high-quality pregnancy scans, corresponding consultations, and support throughout your journey. 

Scans at different stages of pregnancy provide different pieces of valuable information about your pregnancy. 

Pictures are provided in all scans.

Why choose Fusion Healthcare for pregnancy 3D and gynaecology Ultrasound scanning services 

  • Consultant Specialists and Qualified Medical Sonographers.
  • NIPT (Harmony) Blood Test with Ultrasound scan
  • Amazing high resolution real time images
  • Accurate Gender reveal.
  • Pregnancy screening Reassurance scan,
  • Women’s Health Gynaecology and Pelvic Scans,
  • Flexible appointment time.

Pregnancy viability/ Assurance scan (8-14 weeks 16-24 weeks) 

At Fusion Healthcare, we now offer private pregnancy ultrasound scans with the option of adding a consultation, to support you throughout your pregnancy. Fusion HealthCare’s assurance scan is offered at 8-14 weeks and 16-24 weeks and can be combined with a consultation with one of our specialist clinicians to provide you with peace of mind regarding your pregnancy.

The valuable combination of a thorough private pregnancy scan and accompanying consultation can provide you with the information and assurance you need on your pregnancy. Our specialised clinicians will be able to provide you with valuable information on your baby and their health while assessing the stage of pregnancy.

During the scan numerous images will be recorded of your baby, providing information on baby’s position, size, anatomy, etc. The consultation will provide an opportunity to discuss these findings in more detail and discuss any inquiries you have.

You will receive pictures of your baby from these scans; quality of pictures is subject to baby’s position.

Our viability/Reassurance scan is the first scan in pregnancy and allows visualisation of early anatomy, giving you the reassurance, you need.  

This scan will: 

  • Check baby’s heartbeat
  • Assess the viability of the pregnancy
  • Determine the number of foetuses 
  • Determine the date of pregnancy
  • Provide details of baby’s movement, position, hands, feet, umbilical cord, and placenta, (subject to gestation and views.)

At 16-24 weeks, the reassurance scan will also:

  • Assess amniotic fluid
  • Assess the baby’s size and provide measurements

Price: £130 or £220 with consultation

Please call on 01582 249449 to book an appointment.

Gender scan (16-24 weeks)

Our Gender/sexing scan is offered from 16 weeks and will determine the gender of your baby. 

The gender scan will:

  • Determine the baby’s gender
  • Check the foetal heart rate
  • Check amniotic fluid
  • Assess the baby’s growth

Price: £150


Anomaly scan (20-24 weeks)

Our anomaly scan is offered from 20-24 weeks and takes a close look at your baby and uterus. This scan assesses the way in which the baby’s anatomy has developed from head to toe.

The anomaly scan will:

  • Assess the development of important structures including brain, face, spine, heart, stomach, bowel, and limbs
  • Detect any major anatomical abnormalities

This scan looks for a number of conditions but cannot identify everything that may be wrong.

Price: £150


3D/4D Pregnancy Scan (24-32 weeks)

Pregnancy scan utilises advanced ultrasound technology to produce 3D/4D images of your baby. 3D pregnancy scan will allow you to see your baby and enjoy all the intricate movements the baby makes. At Your Baby Scan, we want you to truly bond with your baby. That’s why we spend time to show you around baby in detail, helping you to see your baby in glorious 3D, 4D and even full HD. Our fully qualified are HCPC registered sonographers, and will explain exactly what you’re seeing on screen, pointing out parts of your anatomy in relation to baby’s position, as well as guiding you around your baby, helping you to fully understand what you’re seeing.

Price: £150

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