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Ultrasound Guided Injection

Musculoskeletal Guided injection

Fusion Healthcare provides various types of ultrasound guided injection. All of our expert clinicians are highly experienced musculoskeletal sonographers as well as experts in advanced practice physiotherapy having worked as clinical leads in a range of NHS and private settings. They are able to uniquely combine expert musculoskeletal assessment skills along with diagnostic ultrasound assessment to confirm the diagnosis of your condition and perform ultrasound guided injections where appropriate.

What is an Ultrasound guided injection ?

Your clinician has recommended that you have an ultrasound guided injection to relieve acute or chronic pain relating to your joints or tendons. Ultrasound guided injection enables the area of pain to be targeted more accurately without harming surrounding tissues. Your injection will usually contain a combination of local anaesthetic and a small dose of steroid.

The Procedure:

The clinician will first perform a diagnostic scan to determine the exact location and the extent of the abnormality. Following your consent, the clinician will clean the area overlying the site injection and, with the aid of an ultrasound probe, a small needle will be injected into the site; in the case of tendons, into the sheath around the tendon. The clinician will normally use a mixture of local anaesthetic and steroid.

Price: £225

  • Same Day Consultation (subject to availability)
  • Ultrasound scan and musculoskeletal assessment
  • Ultrasound Guided Injection
  • Report of assessment and scan findings and details of injection
  • All injections are performed by highly experienced advanced physiotherapists dual trained as physiotherapist and musculoskeletal sonographer

Lower limb – Injection list:


  1. Intra articular injection – Sacroilliac joint.
  2. Intra-articular injection – Hip joint.
  3. Trochanteric bursa injection.
  4. Injection for gluteal tendinopathy.
  5. Injection for adductor tendinopathy.
  6. Injection for hamstring tendinopathy.
  7. Injection for ischial bursitis.
  8. Injection for Iliopsoas tendinopathy.
  9. Injection for Iliopsoas bursa.
  10. Calcific barbotage for hip abductors.
  11. Fine needle aspiration for hip region + sample processing if required.

Knee –

  1. Intra-articular injection for knee joint.
  2. Injection for bursitis in the knee region.
  3. Fine needle aspiration of knee effusion, baker’s cyst and popliteal cyst +/- injection +/- sample processing of required.
  4. Injection for hamstring tendonitis.
  5. Injection for ITB syndrome.
  6. Injection for biceps femoris tendonitis.
  7. Injection for superior tibio-fibular joint.

Ankle/Foot –

  1. Intra-articular injection ankle joint.
  2. Intra-articular injection mid foot and toe joints.
  3. Fine needle aspiration for ankle, midfoot and toe regions +/- injection +/- sample processing of required.
  4. Injection for tenosynovitis.
  5. Mortons neuroma injection.
  6. Plantar fascia injection.
  7. Fine needle fenestration for Ledderhose disease.
  8. Injection for bursitis around ankle, midfoot and toe regions.
  9. Tarsal tunnel block.
  10. Sural nerve block.


Upper limb – Injection list:

Shoulder –

  1. Subacromial bursitis/bursopathy/adhesive bursitis.
  2. Subscapular bursa injection.
  3. Injection for Rotator cuff tendinopathy.
  4. Long head of biceps tendon injection.
  5. Intra-articular injection for acromioclavicular joint.
  6. Intra-articular injection for sternoclavicular joint.
  7. Intra-articular injection for glenohumeral joint.
  8. Hydrodilatation of the glenohumeral joint.
  9. Calcific barbotage for rotator cuff tendons.
  10. Suprascapular nerve block.
  11. Fine needle aspiration + sample processing for shoulder region if required.

Elbow –

  1. Intra-articular joint elbow joint.
  2. Common extensor tendinopathy.
  3. Common flexor tendinopathy.
  4. Ulnar nerve block.
  5. Posterior interosseous nerve block.
  6. Radial nerve block.
  7. Distal biceps tendon injection.
  8. Triceps tendon injection.
  9. Calcific barbotage for elbow region.
  10. Fine needle aspiration + sample processing for elbow region.

Wrist Joint –

  1. Intra-articular injection ulnocarpal joint.
  2. Intra-articular injection radiocarpal joint.
  3. Intra-articular injection inferior radioulnar joint.
  4. Intra-articular injection CMC, MCP and IP joints of thumb and fingers.
  5. Injection for flexor and extensor tenosynovitis.
  6. Injection for carpal tunnel syndrome.

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