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Why you need a Well-Person Blood Testing

Most of us go about our lives until something goes wrong. We start to feel sick. Then we see a doctor or go to the emergency room. At that point in time, it might be too late, which is why it is important to be proactive with your health similar to how you take your car in for a yearly checkup, it’s important to have a yearly checkup for yourself and for your health. This is why healthy people should get blood tests even when they don’t feel sick in order to find any hidden ailment or illness.

Checking your blood health is an important way of keeping a check on your overall physical well-being. If you are 50 years and above with no known health problems we advise having an annual check similar to visiting the dentist. Younger people with no known health issues could have a check every two to three years.

We understand that people aren’t fans of needles or they have the mindset of if it isn’t broken don’t fix it. some people don’t have enough time or don’t see the value in it. We understand but it is always important to put your health at the forefront. Read below our five reasons why you should have a blood test.

1. Not as healthy as you might think 

Most people will put up with a certain amount of aches and pains until they can’t bear it, only then would they get the help that they need. The issue with that is there are diseases that don’t manifest in recognizable symptoms and doctors have trouble diagnosing, which is why it’s important to get blood testing done even when feeling well.

2. Weight Loss 

if you’ve been exercising regularly and eating well and the weight STILL doesn’t come off or you can’t gain weight, there may be an underlying reason. You might be carrying around more weight than you have to and it has nothing to do with eating right and getting enough exercise.

Many diseases have weight gain as a symptom such as Hypothyroidism, Type 2 Diabetes, Liver Damage, Kidney Disease, Hormonal Imbalance, Heart Disease, and even Cancer can make your body store fat. That’s not to say you can treat these illnesses and eat badly and still lose weight.

3. Unique Person 

it is important to get a health checkup and have a regular history of blood testing because knowledge is power and health management differs from person to person as how you process insulin is different from how your family member or friend does.

4. Save Time 

Having a regular history of blood testing makes it easier for your healthcare professional to figure out the issues and what steps need to be taken next. when the patient shows up sick the first thing the healthcare professional will do is request a blood test to see what is going on inside of your body.

What would happen in a normal scenario is if a person gets sick, they set up a doctor’s appointment. During the first appointment, the patients will be required to have blood drawn and then sent to the labs and then have the result sent back to the doctor. afterward, a follow-up appointment would be needed to discuss the results and then set up a treatment plan. however, if you have a regular history of blood testing it would be easier for the doctor to find the difference and recommend the treatment sooner. If you use our Well-person blood test prior to seeing the doctor and give the doctor the result of the blood test and have a treatment plan set up quickly.

5. Save Money 

Preventative healthcare costs less than treatment. When you couple that with the benefit of catching a major disease in the early stages (sometimes the only way to survive such diseases), the savings increase dramatically.

Our well-person blood test will assess your overall health and give you a baseline to help see where or if the improvement is needed.

For more information about our Well-person blood test contact us.