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How much is an Ultrasound scan cost?

Ultrasound Scan

At Fusion Healthcare we offer a variety of ultrasound scans to suit your needs.  We are often asked, how much is an ultrasound scan cost?

At Fusion Healthcare our ultrasound scan cost depends on type and body area. General and MSK ultrasound scans start at £140.00 and Ultrasound-guided injections start at £220.00.

The price of a single ultrasound scan is dependent of multiple factors like the type of scan being performed and the area on which then scan is being performed. The variety of scans that we perform include:

  • Ultrasound guided injections (for joint pain)
  • Obstetric ultrasound (Pregnancy)
  • Transvaginal Ultrasound
  • Abdominal ultrasound 
  • Pelvic ultrasound
  • Lumps and bumps

Please refer to the Fusion Healthcare website for the extensive range of our ultrasound scans along with pricing. Our ultrasound scan cost includes: 

  • A short pre-scan consultation with our highly experienced specialised sonographers
  • Thorough ultrasound scans capturing high quality Images
  • Our specialised clinicians will discuss any findings with you
  • An extensive report detailing findings emailed directly to you within 24 hours

To conclude, all Ultrasound scans differ in price depending on the type of scan required and the extent of the investigation required.

Please contact us below if you have any questions or visit:

TEL: 01582 249449
EMAIL: info@fusion-radiology.com