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Private pregnancy scan in Luton: Check your baby’s development

Having a baby is a journey filled with excitement, anticipation, and a myriad of new experiences. One such new experience includes the baby growth scan, a pivotal tool used by health professionals to monitor the development of the foetus. Pregnancy ultrasound scans are a fundamental part of the pregnancy journey. These scans use sound waves to provide build pictures of the foetus which provide valuable information about the baby’s health and development. At Fusion Healthcare, a range of private pregnancy scan can be performed to support the pregnancy journey, including growth and assurance scans from 8 weeks onwards.  

What can a private pregnancy ultrasound tell you about your baby? 

Private pregnancy ultrasound scans provide a lot of valuable information pertaining to the growth, development, and overall health of the baby. As such, these scans are normally performed at different stages of pregnancy to provide information about that particular stage. So, what kind of information can these scans provide? 

  • Around 12 weeks of pregnancy, a dating ultrasound scan is performed. This scan gives a better idea of the weeks of pregnancy which may be adjusted according to the ultrasound measurement. 
  • Assess the number of babies. 
  • Detection of some physical conditions 
  • The position of the baby and the placenta 
  • Assess the growth of the baby and if the baby is growing normally 
  • Amniotic fluid levels (16-24 weeks) 
  • The baby’s size and measurements (16-24 weeks) 
  • Foetal movement and heartbeat 

This information is vital in planning and managing the pregnancy as well as indicating whether any further scans or tests should be performed. 

When should you have a private pregnancy ultrasound? 

At Fusion Healthcare, pregnancy scans are performed from 8 weeks of pregnancy onwards. In the UK, individuals will normally have two pregnancy scans that accompany the pregnancy: one between 11 and 14 weeks, and one between 18 to 21 weeks of pregnancy. The first scan is typically referred to as the dating scan while the second is referred to as the screening/anomaly scan. Additional scans may be performed depending on the pregnancy.  

Many individuals opt for more private ultrasounds to provide them with peace of mind throughout their pregnancy. At Fusion Healthcare, these can be done anywhere from 8 to 24 weeks of pregnancy.  

What is the importance of pregnancy ultrasound scans? 

Pregnancy ultrasound scans play a crucial role in monitoring the health and well-being of both the baby and the mother. These scans: 

  • Detect potential complications: Growth scans can detect potential complications early on. 
  • Provide reassurance: Private pregnancy scans can often be a way of providing prospective parents with reassurance and peace of mind on their pregnancy and baby. 
  • Medical management guidance: These scans provide information on how best to manage the pregnancy, should they reveal any concerns. Healthcare providers can tailor management according to the information provided by the scans and closely monitor the pregnancy. 

What happens after my pregnancy scan? 

Our private pregnancy scans (viability and reassurance) give you the option of adding an optional consultation with one of our specialist clinicians. This is a great option to provide you with further guidance and gives you an opportunity to discuss the results and voice any concerns you have. All private ultrasound scan reports will be sent to you within 24 hours and you may share them with the healthcare providers overseeing your pregnancy. Should our sonographer pick up something, they will advise of best next steps and may recommend further scans, tests, or screening. This will need to be discussed with your healthcare provider.  

Will this scan tell me the sex of my baby? 

Our private pregnancy viability and reassurance scans do not reveal the gender of the baby.  

At Fusion Healthcare, we have private gender/sexing scans which provide information on: the baby’s gender, foetal heartbeat, amniotic fluid, and the baby’s development. Should you wish to find out the sex of you baby, please note this is a separate private ultrasound scan. 

Will I receive a picture of my baby? 

All private pregnancy scans performed at Fusion Healthcare in Luton will provide a picture of you baby. Our specialised sonographers will do their best to obtain a clear picture of the baby’s face and body but please note this is dependent on the baby’s position so the quality of the pictures may vary. 

Private pregnancy ultrasounds are a great way of gaining some confidence and reassurance regarding your pregnancy. The provide valuable insight into the baby’s health and well-being for the expecting parents, as well as allowing healthcare providers to pick up on anything that may be of concern. At Fusion Healthcare, we know that the process of a scan can sometimes bring about some anxiety; please rest assured we will do all we can to ensure you are comfortable and supported throughout.